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Supercharge Your Business With MyGuava

Supercharge Your Business With MyGuava

By Csilla Huszárik / 10 May, 2024

Supercharge Your Business With MyGuava


In a world where business moves at a rapid rate, staying on top of everything requires more than just keeping pace. It demands agility, efficiency and a toolset that can match the dynamic nature of modern commerce.


Choosing the right business account provider is pivotal for staying competitive in the market. It can help you monitor your costs and save significantly on various fees. It can enable your business’s regional and international expansion, and free up time and energy to focus on your clients. A well-chosen provider can strengthen your brand reputation with secure and diverse payment options, fostering growth and innovation in today's dynamic business environment.


In this article, we introduce MyGuava Business, our All-Things-Payments solution which has been meticulously crafted to cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses of all sizes.


MyGuava Business Account


Fortunately, gone are the days of paying hefty account fees and being restricted to a handful of currencies for your business transactions. With MyGuava Business you get access to accounts in over 20 currencies free of charge. 


Our intuitive web application provides a suite of effective tools, ensuring that the ability to manage your finances is always at your fingertips. Besides that, as a MyGuava Business user, you are eligible for unlimited internal transfers between accounts at no extra cost, giving you the freedom to move funds effortlessly within your business ecosystem.


Learn more about MyGuava Business Account fees


Borderless Payments to Supercharge Your Business


At MyGuava Business, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our feature development. Here are our clients' favourite payment-related features crafted with businesses like yours in mind:


Domestic Payments Made Easy


Navigate the UK payment landscape with ease using your MyGuava Business account. Whether you prefer BACS, CHAPS, or Faster Payments, MyGuava offers a seamless payment experience tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your funds arrive promptly and securely. And the best part? It is free of charge!


Global payments in local currencies


Most of us remember the days when sending an international payment felt like a nightmare – the uncertainty of where the funds were when it would arrive, and the looming question of how much fees the intermediary banks would charge. Especially with the corporate payments. MyGuava Business was designed to address this issue.


One of the most valuable benefits our business account can offer is fast and transparent international transfers that are also free of charge. 


Additionally, MyGuava Business empowers you to tailor your payment strategy to the specific needs of your clients by facilitating payouts in a diverse range of currencies. With business accounts available in over 20 currencies, you can make transfers directly from these accounts, bypassing the hassle of currency conversions and hidden fees. 


Moreover, if your business operates in the eurozone, our EUR IBAN account will come in handy for you. By connecting to SEPA Instant, you can facilitate real-time business payments, ensuring that your transactions are executed with maximum speed and efficiency.


MyGuava Business Multicurrency Account


Batch and Recurring Payments

We know that admin tasks take up a lot of time for business owners, while those tasks generate the least of their income. That's why we've designed the MyGuava Business account to help you maximise efficiency and productivity, allowing you to focus on revenue-generating activities that drive your business forward. 


Batch payments and recurring payments are great examples of these features. You can upload a file containing a list of payments and initiate multiple transactions with just one click simultaneously, saving valuable time and resources.


Exchange, send and spend at fair rates


When it comes to regional or international growth, currency exchange rates and hidden fees in international payments can be a significant burden for businesses. Some might even hesitate to expand due to these challenges. 


MyGuava Business recognised this pain point and addressed it by providing competitive exchange rates for over 20 currencies, seamless money exchange on a single platform and savings on fees with flexible rates. This allows you to allocate more resources towards expanding your operations.


MyGuava Corporate Cards


At MyGuava, we understand the diverse needs of our clients, offering a range of card options tailored for entrepreneurs and small business owners who require separation of personal and business expenses.


With MyGuava Corporate Cards, you gain full control. You can set spending limits for you and your employees and link your cards to a MyGuava Business Account for seamless management. 


MyGuava Corporate Card


Your MyGuava Corporate Card will be your best ally on your business trips, allowing you to withdraw cash abroad from any ATM without hidden fees. Connect it to your favourite digital wallet for added convenience, all while ensuring the safety of your funds with our robust anti-fraud measures, including 3D Secure support and contactless fraud prevention.


How Can You Get a MyGuava Business Account?


Ready to supercharge your business with our solution? Simply fill out the MyGuava Business Account application form, and we will swiftly review the details and onboard your business. Join the MyGuava Business community today and unlock a world of opportunities for your business. 

Open your MyGuava Business Account today!


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