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The MyGuava App serves all of your payment needs quickly and easily

Send money internationally, manage expenses and organise your finances on the go

worldwide transfers

Local and international money transfers for £0

Say goodbye to transfer fees. MyGuava lets you send money globally faster and fee-free, with just a few taps on the MyGuava App. Other non-MyGuava charges may apply

Transfers between Myguava users

Simply find your chosen MyGuava user on the app and you can send or request money instantly with just a couple of clicks

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Localised payments

Open accounts in 20+ currencies and make payments easily. You can transfer funds at no cost, with no exchange rate fees.

Card transfers

Make global app-to-card instant transfers with no hidden fees. Secure and reliable.

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Make fast local payments

Use your GBP account to make near-instant local payments via the Faster Payments network. Send and receive like a true local!

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Send or request by link

No awkward conversations. With payment link it is much easier to remind to send back your money or share the expenses with your friends and family.

Set up transfers the way you want

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Create a template for your transfers

Save time when making the same transfer on a regular basis – just set up a template using the recipient’s details and you can use it again and again

transfer schedule

Schedule a transfer

Scheduling is always good for people who like planning. By scheduling a transfer you can ensure that you never miss a payment

Making social payments a breeze

Eaten out with a friend or need to pay your share of the rent? Split the bill the easy way, without any stress.

Nobody likes asking for money back, but with Payment Link you can easily request your family and friends to reimburse you or split costs.

Planning a day out with friends? Plan everything in chat - discuss who is paying for what in an easy way.