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MyGuava App accounts help you take charge of your finances

Send, spend, save and exchange through a single touchpoint that has been designed with the end-user in mind

All your accounts under one roof

Choose among 20 currencies to open your account. Feel the freedom of multicurrency and beneficial rates. We charge no fees for switching currencies between accounts and for transfers in the same currency

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Foreign exchange at your fingertips

By using our hassle-free FX tool, you can convert currencies in a fast, simple and convenient way - leaving you free to enjoy your trips abroad






It is always easy with MyGuava Account

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Seamless digital onboarding onto the MyGuava app

Opening account at MyGuava is fully digital. All you need is an email address, phone number, and an ID document like a passport or driving licence, residence permit or ID card

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Useful analytics & spending insights

View a summary of your transactions according to the categories you’ve been spending in and manage your finances more effectively. Transactions info, spending charts – everything you need to make informative decisions about your money

Add Money in Seconds

Top Up your account the way you want

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Choose the best option

MyGuava wallets help you organise your finances on your terms

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savings account

Round-up your purchases to save without really knowing

You can round up your purchases to the nearest whole number and transfer the difference to a designated savings account, enabling you to expand your finances without feeling the pinch

shared account with your family

Share accounts with those you love

A mobile shared account is a brilliant way to ensure that your family can spend, save and share together. The peace of mind that every family member will feel is supported with full transaction histories and statements