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Guavapay Announces The Latest Rebrand

Guavapay Announces The Latest Rebrand

By Lisa Frolova / 08 Apr, 2024 / Company news

Guavapay Announces The Latest Rebrand

After five years, we here at Guavapay are excited to announce we are debuting a new look. From a refreshed website to a more modern logo, we are delighted to share our rebrand with the world.


London, 25 March 2024 - Half a decade on from the rebrand, the team at Guavapay felt it was time for a change. The payments and fintech landscape is constantly changing and evolving, so we thought updating the brand and reintroducing what it is that we do was essential - not least in demonstrating just how far we have come in recent times. Indeed, we believe that our redesigned identity better reflects our future-oriented mindset. 

Who is Guavapay? 

Let us reintroduce Guavapay: we are a payments solutions company that is on a mission to build a global financial ecosystem that supercharges individuals and businesses alike. Our ultimate business objective is to empower users to take control over their financial lives, with an easy-to-use interface and competitive fees and pricing.

Guavapay includes MyGuava App and MyGuava Business, which are both dedicated to simplifying payments and making financial services more accessible and affordable to people and businesses across the UK and around the globe. Serving both personal and business needs, Guavapay is all about providing a seamless and fuss-free experience while keeping the safety and security of our customers at the heart of everything we do.

Why have we decided to rebrand?

The fintech world moves at an astonishing pace. With ever-evolving technologies and new players bursting onto the scene, brands have to work hard to stay relevant. Guavapay is emerging as an industry leader and this rebranding is a great way to signal to competitors and clients alike that the organisation is committed to staying ahead of the game. 

With big plans in the works for Guavapay, the team felt it was time to come together and imagine a new vision. We passionately believe it is essential to retain the core of Guavapay, so our team of designers came up with a rebrand that interlaced both the past and the present. As our payment solutions develop, we want our image to reflect the distance we have travelled over the past few years - a journey which has seen us arrive on the scene relatively unknown, to competing with some of the industry’s biggest names.

What’s new? 

From changing fonts to reimagining the Guavapay symbol, we hope that you will agree that the overall effect is really exciting. With Plus Jakarta Sans as the new lead text style, the website feels lighter and even easier to read. The colour scheme has also undergone a makeover, with a new, softer palette launched across the whole brand which really complements the new streamlined design features. 

A more refined touch has been applied to all the design components across the board, adding to Guavapay’s sleek and modern feel. But don’t worry - the original elements of the Guavapay design are still at the core of the brand. The new look manages to take the original design features and reimagine them without sacrificing Guavapay’s core identity. Above anything we wanted to ensure that the rebranding really captured our user-friendliness, reliability and professionalism - insofar as that is possible through fonts, colours and logos. 


Guavapay rebranding


What will the future look like?

Rest assured that Guavapay’s capabilities are not changing - the functionality of our payment solutions is staying the same. To quote what we posted on LinkedIn shortly after the rebrand went live: “We’re not changing massively, we’re just sprucing ourselves up to reflect how far we’ve come.” As an ever-growing company, Guavapay has lots of exciting plans for the future, starting with the brand reboot.

Keep up to date with any Guavapay updates by keeping an eye on socials and giving their blogs a read. The entire Guavapay Group is excited about the rebrand and would love you to give their website a little love. You can do so by having a look through it now - and if you haven’t taken a look at how we help with personal payments and business accounts, then what are you waiting for?

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