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Seamless Payments for E-commerce Success

Seamless Payments for E-commerce Success

Your all-in-one payment gateway solution, designed to supercharge online sales with smart integrations, flexibility and low fees.

How it works

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Powering Your Business with Leading Global Payment Systems

MyGuava Business seamlessly integrates with major payment systems and we are principal members of Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay. This global reach, combined with our commitment to industry standards, empowers you to accept payments from almost anywhere, thereby facilitating and simplifying global expansion. Enhancing customer experience through diverse payment options can boost conversion rates, while ensuring a seamless and enjoyable purchasing journey for your clients.

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Simplified Payments for Fast Checkouts

Mobile Wallets
Speed up your checkout process and boost customer satisfaction with MyGuava Business’s seamless integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay. These secure one-click payment options provide a faster, smoother and more convenient checkout experience, boosting customer satisfaction and potentially increasing sales.

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Competitive Fees to Maximise Your Profit

MyGuava Business offers transparent, competitive rates with low payment and transaction fees. This gives you predictable costs and empowers you to focus on growing your business.

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Swift and Seamless Payments

Card-in-File Function
Users can save their cards when checking out through our payment gateway platform, streamlining the process. This feature not only enhances ease of use but also significantly speeds up future purchases. By securely storing payment information, customers can complete transactions more quickly and effortlessly, improving their overall shopping experience and encouraging repeat business.

Effortless Integrations to Boost Your Efficiency

Managing payments across multiple platforms can be time-consuming. MyGuava Business simplifies your operations by offering seamless integrations with popular platforms:

  • WordPress/WooCommerce: Accept payments directly through your online store with our user-friendly WooCommerce plugin
  • Ecwid powered by Lightyear: Enhance your Ecwid store with a flawless integration that simplifies payment processing
  • Xero: Our Xero integration allows you to effortlessly add secure payment links directly to your invoices, creating a smooth payment experience for your clients

By centralising operations and saving you valuable time, MyGuava Business empowers you to focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

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Know Your Clients Better with Data Analytics

MyGuava goes beyond just processing payments – it helps you truly understand your client base. Our robust data analytics platform allows you to track activity, including the percentage of transactions made with different payment types. This user behaviour data allows you to personalise the user experience, improve client engagement and make more informed decisions.


Multiaccess for
Team Members

Managing a team requires collaboration. MyGuava Business’s multiaccess feature allows you to grant secure access to your web app for your employees who need to track activity. This helps your team to work together efficiently and provides you with granular control over data visibility.