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The Ultimate Payments App

A new way to manage your money on the go

Money management made easy in one complete app

myguava card

Open a free account in minutes

Follow a few easy steps and you’ll be ready to go in no time

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Hassle-free splitting and sharing

Easily divide the cost of a night out, drinks or general expenses

myguava payment card

One card with multiple features

Your MyGuava card gives you access to multiple currencies without any hassle

Accounts without borders

MyGuava Personal accounts can be opened in 20+ currencies meaning you can send, spend and receive like a local. There are no exchange rate fees for converting money between accounts and you can use one card to switch between accounts at no cost

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Transfer money around the globe at affordable rates

Sending money to your friends and family in countries around the world does not have to be expensive. With MyGuava there are no hidden fees or mark-ups, just reliable transfers in +90 currencies

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The MyGuava Card is designed to complement your lifestyle

MyGuava provides customers with snazzy and eye-catching physical and virtual debit cards which can be added to Google Pay and Apple Pay. Cards can also be managed via the MyGuava Personal App to ensure you stay on top of your finances. Cashback can also be earned on debit card spending

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Start your journey today

+ £150

Account top-up

Transfer cash to your MyGuava account from any bank account

Get 0.3% cashback on every card transaction

Pay securely and instantly with Apple Pay and Google Pay

Add your MyGuava Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay to check out in-store and online


We protect your details through strict standards and two-factor authentication

Payment Link

Send payment links to friends and family

Analytics and spending tools

Track your payments with spending charts, transaction histories and statements


Create templates to simplify your regular payments

£ 10 £ 10 £ 10

Split bills

Easily share the cost of moments with your loved ones

Proud partner of Queens Park Rangers

Football and Digital Payments: QPR has announced MyGuava as its new sleeve partner. The MyGuava branding will be featured on the left sleeve of QPR’s first-team shirts for all Sky Bet Championship fixtures. We’re excited to bring together the world of sport and payments. QPR and MyGuava: a perfect match

The Ultimate Payments App

The MyGuava App has been developed and designed with you in mind. By utilising our extensive in-house knowledge and expertise, we have created what we believe is a truly effective end-to-end payments application that can be used to send money, spend money and manage money across multiple currencies